Sunday 20th November.

I had a very successful day in my old dark room. Printing 5x4inch prints of family people/scenes for Christmas cards. AFter I’d done those I printed some steam engine negatives I made at Swindon on 6 August 1985. It is always a pleasure to make beautiful prints from beautiful negatives. It takes a lot of effort, time and skill, far more than with the difital process but the difference is that when I end up with a really tasty print all of that is due to my skill and experience as a photographer. I have made all the judgements from first arriving on the lineside – and I’ve made ALL the right judgements. There is a great deal of satisfaction in spending hours in the darkroom because the end result,  shows I am a skilful photographer.

Here are a couple of prints. Scanned onto this site.

The ones of 5051 are very special to me. I was travelling from Bristol to Paddington on a High SPeed Train and as we rolled into the Swindon stop there was this VISION of a loco. I grabbed my overnight bag and was off the train. Standing on the platform, lump in my throat, soaking up this wonderful beast, I heard my name being called. I couldn’t make out where the voice was coming from. The voice called louder – it was some-one on the footplate. I looked and it was Driver Arthur Fenn, of Didcot. I hadn’t seen him for 20 years. ‘Come on up here with us’ he shouted when he saw he had my attention. I jumped down on the track and across to he cab footsteps and up I went!  I was late home that day.

Great Western Society loco, ex-GWR No.5051 Drysllwyn Castle. Swindon, facing for Glo’ster. 6 August 1985

The happiest place in the world. On the footplate of 5051, courtesy of Driver Arthur Fenn.

Great Western Society, ex-GWR loco No.4930 Hagley Hall arriving at Swindon 6.8.85