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Shap banker 42210

21.Shap banker banking

42210 lifting the rear half of a heavy freight on the 1 in 75 Shap Incline and about to pass the level crossing and signal box at Scout Green. March 1966.20.42110.Grayrigg 3-66


42210 has just finished banking a train up Grayrigg bank from Oxenholme and is running forward to use the crossover at Grayrigg, either to cross to the Up Main and return at once to Oxenholme or to go into the Up Goods Loop to await a path down the hill. Taken from the soorway of Grayrigg signal box. John Gardner, signalman. When I visitd he WCML/S&C from the Swindon area I went for a few days and lodged at John’s house in Sebergh. He releived signal boxes at Oxeholme, Grayrigg, Garsdale and Ais Gill.19.Shap banker 1966

42210, running home to Tebay, in evening sun after a hard day on the bank. March 1966

Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office Swindon

Chief Mechnaical Engineer's building, Swindon.

Chief Mechnaical Engineer’s building, Swindon.

C.M.E's building, Swindon

C.M.E’s building, Swindon

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