Cranmore Fixed Distant. GWR timber post and arm. Lkg to north to Cranmoreport.fxd D.-73 copy

Portmadoc Up Distant, rear view. Lkg to Criccieth. 1973. There is a treadle fixed to the inside of he rail. The arm of the treadle is depress by the wheels of the train and causes a trembler bell to sound in the signal box. This is provided to help the signalman know when the close his level crossing gates if he train which is approaching  is not booked to stop at the station.

penrhyndd.1965 copy

Fixed Distant to the south of  Penrhynduedraeth station. GWR wooden arm, Cambrian Railway post.

par.6-72 copy

At the Plymouth end of Par station, signals on the branch from Newquay. June 1972.

hy.Nth 1969 copy

Taken whilst on duty in Hinksey North box, Oxford. Lkg. north to station. Cl.33 ‘kight’ to Didcot. Hymek waiting to pick up its train from the South End yard when the shunters have marshalled the wagons. H.N’s Down starting signal with Oxford Station South box Distant below.

hn.lampy copy

The signal at night was given by a flame from a parafin lamp wick magnified through a ‘bulls-eye’ lens. The lamp’s fuel tank was designed to last for a full 7 days when filled to the brim. Here the Lampman is changing lamps and performing his ‘humble’ but vital duty.