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                                            Marshbrook built during 1870s. Situated between Craven Arms and Church Stretton on the GWR/L&NWR Joint line from

                                            Shrewsbury to Hereford.


Pontypool Station South b0x. GWR 1910. 163 levers

Gort signal box w/S’man P.J Cunningham. 15.5.82

No.2220 was the last of a series, numbered 2201 to 2220. 2220 was built at Swindon in 1882. I don’t know the loication. 2220 is hauling a milk train – see headcode and ‘Siphon’ behind engine. Taken in 1920 by Bill Kenning.

No.820 on Didcot shed. 18.10.20. Taken by Bill Kenning.

No.810 one of  a set of engines numbered 806 to 825, built at Swindon starting in 1873. No.810 has it original type of boiler – i.e not replaced with a ‘Belpaire’ firebox boiler as had happened to most  engines of  this vintage by the time this photo was taken, by Bill Kenning, on Didcot shed, on 22 March 1920

‘Badminton’ class 3304 ‘Oxford’ at Oxford with LSWR coaches. Birkenhead – Bournemouth train? c.1908.

Built in Sept. 1898. 6ft.8.5in. driving wheels. Re-numbered 4112 May 1927. In ‘as built’ condition.

3304 was the last of the class to lose its original boiler – in 1913 – when a Std No.2 was fitted. Thus becoming an ‘Atbara’. Some of this class received No.4 boilers carried by the 6ft 8.4in. ‘City’ class.

No.4170 ‘Charles Saunders’ 7ft. diameter driving wheels on Didcot Shed with Shedmaster Mr.Short. 22.3.20

Photo by W.L Kenning on a very miserable, grey, day.

Doreen Spackman and the driver, fireman and guard of the Savernake L.L – Marlborough L.L branch train. 1942

Savernake Low Level. S.M Millard with a smart new hat, Doreen Spackman. Porter X. 1942

Collingbourne Ducis (ex-M&SWJc.Rly) Station Staff. 1945. Station Master Rawle with old pattern GWR hat  Mrs. Vi.Brown booking clerk, Thelma Hoare, signalwoman.  Porter X. Taken by Doreen Spackman, signalwoman at Collingbourne Ducis.

Dean goods leads Armstrong goods with a heavy coal train on the Down Main at Kennington Jc. Down Loop track in foreground. c1915. All these by young Bill Kenning.

Dean goods propels empty coaches into Up Siding at Slough, seen from East signal box. c1921

2580 at Slough on Up Relief Line. Taken by Bill Kenning from East box which was on platform. c1921

2579.Kennington Jc.Up Loop or possibly drawn up onto branch. A Radley College schoolboy is on the footplate with Fireman Beenley. c.1915No.73 ‘Isis’ in Binsey Bay, Oxford with 10.33 stopper to Banbury (2, 8-wheelers) 21.5.14 (Whitsun week-end) Sun strongly shining straight into the lens from over the top of the boiler.The five pictures from here down were taken by a Radley College  schoolboy, William Lovett Kenning, with a box camera using glass plates. Negatives developed in the dormitory sink after ‘lights out’.

‘Beyer’ or ‘322’class  just past Kennington Jc on Up line, signal on the Thame branch visible. As a Beyer-Peacock design it can be seen to have a Gorton Style tender – i.e one a bit too big for the engine.
‘Sir Daniel’ class 2-2-2 express engine converted to 0-6-0 goods engine. passing Kennington Jc. 1914

Armstrong Standard Goods. coal rail tender. Llanderfel between Corwen and Bala Jc. April 1921

eadfirst’ i.e facing Down direction. Sunday p-way train. c.1914

ex-LBSCR ‘Terrier’ ‘Portishead’ about to enter Clevedon Square.19.8.33. This engine passed to the GWR as No.5 ‘Portishead’

Manning Wardle at Portishead level crossing with Guard Riddick.19.8.33

Manning Wardle on WC&P at Portishead 19.8.33

4472. Flying Scotsman with Up Flying Scotsman. York. c1932

404. York Station Pilot. c1932

6015. Newcastle – Swansea via Nottingham Banbury, Stow-on-the-Wold and Gloster. 

2744. Up Flying Scotsman. York. 15.7.32

2599. York. 15.7.322577.19.7.32 york.
2402. York. 17.8.31.

2401. City of Kingston-upon-Hull. Potter’s Bar.4.6.30

2355. York. 15.7.32

Gleneagles.  600345 ‘Lord Faringdon’ Aberdeen –  Glasgow express.

Gleneagles. 44253. August 1965

Greenloaning. 60009 ‘Union of South Africa’ Evening express Glasgow – Aberdeen.44998. Up fast. Greenloaning. August 1965

Greenloaning. 61160. passenger train. August 1965

Greenloaning. ‘WD’ 2-8-0 on Down goods. August 1965

70002 Geoffrey Chaucer. leaving Dunblane for Glasgow August 1965 Continue reading

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