When ‘The Good Life’ sitcom was playing out on television screens across England, Susan and Adrian were living the real good life in the South-West of Ireland.


Their joint memoir begins in 1970 in Oxford where they meet and fall in love on a car journey. They get married and fed up with ‘ordinary life’, looking for an adventure and interested in self-sufficiency, they buy a derelict cabin in County Kerry and move there in 1975.


They live a free and frugal lifestyle, re-build their cottage, grow their own vegetables, keep a small flock of goats, cut turf and live peaceably amongst the local characterful community of small farmers. Eventually two babies are born. Inevitably their life changing adventure comes to an end and they return to England in 1982.


Their story offers an intriguing glimpse into life in rural Ireland in the 1970s and early 80s, which at times is overshadowed by the tragic political events in the North.

Money Enough for the Winter

  • The book will be available to buy on June 3rd 2022.

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